2014 Roster and Pilot Stats
This is a record of all 2014 pilots. Only Sorties of Aircraft will be recorded in this section, Friendly Fire, Kills of Chutes or by Gunner/Observers will not be recorded.
It was the year of the Mustang Bravo for the Friday Nighters. Twice we took Top Squad Kill honors in the P-51B. Once on September 5th in all P-51Bs and the other on December 5th, in a mix of P-51Bs and P-38Js. We also tied for top squad honors on December 19th, but in reality we had one less kill than it listed due to a kill of an observer. The 412th had 37 kills in the P-51B. 2nd place for most kills was the P-38J with 33 and third was the A6M3 Model 32 with 23 Kills, and the Bf 109G-14 gave us 20 kills.