Welcome to the Home of the World Famous 412th Friday Night Volunteer Group, A dedicated Aces High Friday Night Squad Operations Squad.

The 412th Friday Night Volunteer Group is a group of dedicated pilots from various different squads that fly together in Aces High Friday Night Squad Operations. The original squad was created in April 2001 by Midnight and was called  the "Braunco Mustangs".

After years of operating under the name "Braunco Mustangs" the name of the squad was changed by Nefarious to the "Friday Night Volunteer Group". The squad had become non-existent in the Main Arena and most of the original members had left the squad.

Participation only continued in Friday Squad Ops using pilots from squads that left FSO or disbanded. The name was changed to represent the many squad pilots who had joined the 412th in the spirit of being volunteers like the many different World War 2 Squadrons that were made of different pilots from different countries like the American Volunteer Group in China, The Eagle Squadron and many other different nationalities who flew for the RAF.

Right now, the 412th Friday Night Volunteer Group is the strongest it has been in years and is looking to expand. Contact us today!